Client: Historic Royal Palaces
Location: London, UK

Hands On History


Founded during the reign of King John in the early 1200s, exotic beasts were given as royal gifts as symbols of wealth, worldliness and power. Baboons, alligators, tigers and even kangaroos all lived in what was known as the Royal Menagerie. The Menagerie’s legacy stretches to the present day. Our challenge was to untangle a multitude of story lines and primary accounts to create an emotive, powerful and accessible exhibition experience for the Tower of London’s present day audiences.

Working closely with Historic Royal Palaces’ curators, English Heritage and a host of cultural institutions to inform the content, we delivered an exhibition experience that transported visitors to the times of the Royal Menagerie with intuitive, layered exhibits that allows them to make their own decisions.

Today, Royal Beasts is the third most visited exhibition at the Tower of London, engaging over 800,000 visitors a year.

Royal Beasts is the winner of the Best Leisure Product Award 2011 (BETA).