About us

Who we are and what we do

Formed in 2007, KCA London is an established design, learning and operations consultancy. We work to deliver exceptional audience experiences in museums, science centres, visitor centres, exhibitions, Expos and attractions around the world. Our expertise in interpretation and backgrounds in museum-management underpins KCA's approach to every project, from finding the ambition for new destinations, to delivering design solutions and planning for sustained success.    Our services include planning new destinations; interpreting stories and ideas into compelling content; designing environments, graphics and exhibits for museums, science centres and Expo pavilions; developing teams to plan and deliver exceptional audience experiences; and bringing places to life through shows, hands-on workshops and events.

Who we work with

We work worldwide, across cultures, and in partnership with our clients and their communities.  We have worked with national museums, governments, NGOs, science centres, botanic gardens, local authorities, festival organisers, scientific institutes, educational authorities and foundations wanting to engage in innovative and inspirational ways. Our dedicated core has extended to a network of experienced specialists who lead their respective fields. We have collaborated with eminent scientists, cutting-edge technologists and practitioners at the world's most respected attractions and cultural institutions. Our network continues to be refreshed, meaning we can offer fresh perspectives and unlock the experience and talent befitting the projects aspirations.