Client: Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE


Bringing science to life and inspiring students with high-energy science shows. 

The Lema? programme is an outreach initiative that interprets science, technology, engineering and maths and brings them to life through engaging shows and workshops.

We have developed two shows for Lema? Prepare for Take Off explores the scientific principles of flight and the UAE’s aviation sector and Energy Futures about current and future energy sources and innovation. Both shows combine strong themes, messages and characters to drive the show’s narrative forward and engage audiences with presenters and scientific principles.

We developed an individual graphic identity for each show, strengthening the messaging of the show’s narrative and tying the show to the Lema?brand. Both shows were debuted as spectacular stage shows at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival.

We continue to work with Lema? to develop new shows and workshops and train Lema? presenters to deliver the shows across the UAE as part of the outreach programme.