Client: Girlguiding UK

Location: United Kingdom

Developing a framework for building girls’ 21st century skills

The world, our interests and the way we all live our lives is constantly changing. Girlguiding UK wanted to update its programme of activities to reflect this and help girls to explore new interests and try things out for the first time, building their skills and confidence as they go. We developed a framework that would support the organisation to achieve this vision.

We delivered a detailed strategic plan centred on building skills capable of engaging girls and young women throughout their guiding career. To inform our work we shadowed sessions, interviewed volunteers and consulted with girls of different ages.

Building on the strategy, the Girlguiding team developed an innovative new programme that delivers a fun and varied range of classic guiding activities alongside new topics, skills and ways for girls to broaden their horizons. It is the biggest overhaul of Brownies and Guides in the organisation’s history and over 50,000 girls were involved in deciding what all the new activities and badges would look like.