Etihad Museum – Staff Training

Client: Dubai Cultural Authority
Location: Dubai, UAE


Preparing senior management and visitor services teams at the Etihad Museum for opening to the public.

The Etihad Museum tells the story of the formation of the United Arab Emirates and the nation’s journey towards shaping a bright future.

We worked with the senior management team and shared our experiences of operating national museums, helped them identify challenges in opening a new destination and in daily operations, and discussed best practice and methods for implementing procedures. We provided an intensive training programme for the visitor services team to fully orient them to their roles.

Training mixed theory with interactive discussions and group activities to create an engaging experience that was memorable and effective for the team. We provided mentorship during the first six months of operations, guiding the teams to deliver an exceptional visitor experience and set a new benchmark for museums and visitor services in the region.

“Honestly the whole training is a treasure. Every single detail of information we are getting will contribute to the development of the museum and will help us on personal matters of our skills and behaviours.” – Etihad Museum Trainee Visitor Guides

“The course exceeded my expectations. It is my first experience of being trained for a professional position and real life cases. The edutainment of the training will be memorable for a long time.” – Etihad Museum Trainee Visitor Guides